About the Guild:

The Vergers Guild of the Diocese of Dallas is a non-profit group of lay people (that is, people who are not ordained as ministers) who serve the church.


The Guild consists of vergers who serve at churches throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. Vergers in the Diocese of Dallas are encouraged to join but it is not required. Some members become associate members of the National Vergers Guild and the Church of England Guild of Vergers. These memberships are also not required.


The purpose of the Guild is:

Fellowship:  The members of the Guild enjoy conversation and food with one another and learn about the different churches of the diocese. The Guild also communicates with vergers from the Church of England.


Worship: The members and their guests join together and worship.


Education:  The Guild shares information on the work of a verger and has educational programs on a wide range of topics and serves as a resource to those who want more information.


Prayer: Members listen to each other’s prayer requests and pray daily. The Guild chaplain – a member of clergy – also hears our prayer needs and joins us.


Outreach:  The Guild serves others with work and financial gifts.


Communication: Vergers and clergy communicate on a variety of topics and discuss events on the calendar.


Service:  Members are contacted to serve at diocesan events such as convention, convocations, ordinations, and diocesan confirmations. In addition, on occasion and with permission from clergy, vergers serve from time to time at other parishes to help fill a special  need. If one church has a large event but not enough vergers, they can ask their fellow vergers to assist.


Training: The Guild is a resource for training new vergers. Some parishes do not have a verger ministry. The Guild can talk to the clergy and those interested in the ministry, and assist in the development of a guild at that parish if needed.   


Retreats: From time to time, vergers schedule overnight retreats to relax and just enjoy each other’s company.